2016-01-13_editedEver increasingly, we are getting contacted by women who have a group of ladies, whether it be business clients, children, siblings, friends, or all the above, regarding hunting trips for their ladies’ group. Outside of the questions that any hunting party would ask relative to the hunting at Big Creek , the questions that ladies typically want to know are regarding accommodations, fit of a ladies group into our lodge/operation, and  whether women are welcome as a group at all.

At Big Creek we pride ourselves  in accommodating all our guests! In fact, we are hosting ever increasing groups of ladies to Big Creek each season. Outside of excellent hunting, the ladies’ feedback to us is that they feel welcomed, appreciate the high level of service and care received, the courtesy of the staff and our guides in taking care of their group, and the appropriateness of our accommodations and sensibilities as their host. In fact, at Big Creek, the owner’s wife, Barbara, is typically present at the lodge herself and can certainly be found most of the time in her own pit doing what she loves best at Big Creek, Goose Hunting!