Big Creek Hunting Rates

Come experience an Arkansas morning chasing waterfowl with us at Big Creek. There is nothing better than when the migration is in full swing watching waterfowl work the decoys and a well trained retriever do his job. Our guided Arkansas waterfowl hunts include meals and lodging. A full breakfast will be served each morning, along with dinners featuring steaks, wild game, and many other great options.

Our current group rate (up to 4 people) is $2,000.00 dollars per day plus tax. When booking a trip, a 50% deposit is required to hold your booked date. Please keep in mind that individual cancellations within ones hunting party do not affect the total booking rate/cost that has been confirmed. Any modifications to this policy must be confirmed in writing by Big Creek Waterfowl. This flat rate includes meals and lodging and a morning hunt of up to four (4) guests. Groups larger than four are always welcome, each additional guest will be $500.00 per day plus tax. Our lodge allows us to comfortably sleep small or large groups. We also offer the opportunity to hunt geese or upland bird shoots in the afternoon. The rates are listed below.

Afternoon Goose Hunts:
$200.00 per person (per hunt) plus tax.

Upland Bird Hunts:
Customized hunts are set up to meet the customers requirements. Please call for a quote on a hunt package.

We do accept credit cards. We are required to charge a 3% processing fee for credit card payments.

*Rates subject to and do not include State of Arkansas required taxes


Arkansas Hunting Dates:


November 20,2021 – November 29, 2021
December 11, 2021 – December 23, 2021
December 26, 2021 – January 31, 2022

Duck daily bag limit – 6, which may include no more than 4 mallards (2 hens), 1 scaup, 3 wood ducks, 1 pintail, 2 redheads, 2 canvasbacks, 2 black ducks,1 mottled duck. If not listed, up to 6 ducks of a species (including teal) may be taken.

Coot daily bag limit – 15.

Merganser daily bag limit – 5, which may include no more than 2 hooded mergansers.

Possession limit for ducks, coots and mergansers is three times the daily bag limit.

Geese (White Front/Specs)

Oct. 30, 2021 - Nov. 14, 2021
Nov. 20, 2021 - Dec. 3, 2021
Dec. 05, 2021 - Jan. 31, 2022

Daily Bag Limit - 2
Possession Limit - 6

Geese (Snows, Blues, Ross)

Oct. 30, 2021 - Nov. 14, 2021
Nov. 20, 2021 - Dec. 3, 2021
Dec. 05, 2021 - Jan. 31, 2022

Bag Limit - 20

Snow, Blue and Ross's Goose Combined Daily Bag Limit: 20 Snow, Blue and Ross's Goose Combined Possession Limit: No possession limit.

Youth , Veteran and active-duty Military Waterfowl Hunts

Dec 04, 2021 - Feb 05, 2022

On these days, only youths 15 and younger and military veterans and active duty military may harvest ducks, geese, coots and mergansers. Youths who have completed a hunter education course must be accompanied by a mentor 18 or older. Youths who have not completed a hunter education course must be accompanied by a mentor 21 or older. Mentors may not hunt, but may call waterfowl. Shooting hours and bag limits are the same as the regular duck and goose seasons. Youth hunters can hunt on wildlife management areas 30 minutes before sunrise until sunset these two days. General WMA hunter use permits are not required for youth hunters.

Light Goose Conservation Order

Oct 02, 2021 - Oct 22, 2021
Oct 28, 2021 - Nov 19, 2021
Feb 05, 2022 - Apr 25, 2022

No daily bag or possession limit