The main Lodge is located approximately 1½ hours from Memphis. Take I-40 West to Exit 221 (Wheatley, Marianna - exit) and go right on Hwy 78 (north).

Take Hwy 78 North for approx. 5 miles; make a right on gravel road, Saint Francis County Road (SFC) # 919 (you will also see a road sign here depicting St. Francis and Woodruff county line).

Go approximately 3 miles until you come to Woodruff County Road # 585, make a left and go approximately 1 mile and make a right (first gravel road on right), you will also see a house followed by several large grain bins.

The Guest lodge is just past the grain bins on right. The Main Lodge address is: 2881 Woodruff County 585, Wheatley, AR 72392. You can also find us by going to Google Maps and type in "Big Creek Waterfowl Wheatley, Arkansas"

USE Google Maps on your phone  and search for Big Creek Waterfowl, Wheatley, AR.   DO NOT USE A GPS to get to Big Creek once you make it to Hwy 78 in Wheatley. Doing so will send you on county roads that are not paved, go thru private property, and there is an excellent chance you will get stuck or meet an angry landowner! PLEASE print out the instructions off of this website to get to the lodge!